winds of change



the wind came
out of exile
from the north
tempering the
somnolent summer
that turns a head
and slouches south
beaten for now

it freshens in
respite for
heaving lungs
and tacky skin
blowing purity
through thoughts
the next stretch

into mindful
to slow our
need for the world
to forgive
its expectations
and leave the cold
to steer our course

to be or not to be

it was the innocence
of a question
that floated across me

‘would you rather..’

like an oversized bubble
readily iridescent
on its surface

‘live for ever..’

hiding a universe
of existential depths

‘or to never have..’

that stopped me short
I shirked only for the time
it took to breathe

‘been born at all’

now another place

I set my
wheels to the left
drive into
familiar ghosts
who I seem to have
marooned to live
their lives as if
I wasn’t here

I can look them
in the eye
they are as
comfortable as skin
and beguiling as
a breath beyond
my reach that will
not fill my lungs