will spirits dance

where will they fly
our errant spirits
sunlit spores rising cleansed
from the glue of old bones

too young to leave just yet
so captured in the spark
of a new nascent dawn
to redeem life’s sweet tastes again

purified through many lives
let loose to feel a fresher wind
encouraging their flight
to dance new astral plains

three ravens

for Dad. Safe travels

three ravens had flown
called by the thinning breeze
up to where the spirits come
to see if he was waiting there

he will be coming they said
walking through old pastured lands
lain fallow now for many years
with withered roots and flowers laid bare

and when he comes
we will watch him pass
the purest self through an open heart
and blend beyond into endless air

storm tree

she waits
holding to the thrill
of his slow approach
consented to

she sways
as he nears
electricfying skin
soon to be covered
in her lover’s sweat

she accepts
his sonorous voice
dances her furious dance
eyes closed
flailing limbs
lost in the passion of it all