the bay sweeps out a long majestic arm
of white coral sand and shamrock green
that pierces the perfection of blue
across the fretted water, wretched stumps of ancient hills brood,
purple and glowering in the shimmer of the sun.

a breeze breaths gently, fresh, undiluted,
gathering up choice pickings and ocean spray,
sweeping over barnacle pools and kelp covered rock
to offer sweet salty tastes of brine and shell
and wander snake like over dry sand and tousled grass.

the slow ocean pulse pushes in small rippled waves
that slap and roll and bubble up the shore,
refreshing pools, dousing summer heat, cleansing.
then in arcing sweeps, retreating back again
to disappear into the small din of the tide.

overhead, against the thinnest shade of teal,
white wisps of patterned ceiling cloud
drift calm and still to other distant shores,
and gulls wheel slow caresses of the wind
crying their long laments of the sea.

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